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Welcome to Hanjie.co.uk - here you can play a selection of Hanjie puzzles using our unique online Hanjie player - and we've just added Battleships too to add to the puzzling fun!

Simply choose a link from the left hand menu to pick a hanjie puzzle to play.

All our puzzles are guaranteed to have one unique solution, and to be human solvable. The harder the puzzles, the greater the amount of elimination and checks you will have to perform to work out which are the filled cells. There are several puzzles that you can play totally free, and members also have the option to purchase access to a whole set of 100 puzzles to be played online and even downloaded as PDFs for those who prefer to print and solve on paper.

If you are new to hanjie, it is a fun logic puzzle from Japan. You create a simple piece of pixel art by solving the clues. The numbers around the edge of the grid tell you how many squares are to be shaded in each row and column. You never need to guess, though you might need patience. This puzzle has lots of different names, which include griddlers, nonograms and many more besides.

We also have tips on how to solve hanjie puzzles, and an explanation of how to play hanjie. You can even apply to license our player! We hope you have fun, and remember to check out our sister site Try Sudoku too!

For those of you who prefer to solve puzzles using paper and pencil rather than online, take a look at our Puzzle Magazine website with lots of different puzzle types on offer - including a PDF magazine containing 50 new hanjies for you to print off and enjoy.

Hanjie Grid

Are you new to hanjie but would like to find out how to solve a puzzle? Then watch this walk through that explains the rules of hanjie and how to solve the 'easy hanjie' on this website (link at the top-left of the menu).

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